Product Warranty ?
  Product Warranty ? 

  Does Ukliss check the products before shipping them to me?
  Yes, for sure.

   We have a professional Quality Control team. They will check carefully for each item we received from suppliers and
   manufacturers to avoid sending defective goods to our customers.
   If a item is found defective in our QC test, it will be returned to the supplier / factory. So please don't worry about receiving
   a defective item because we are committed to being a trustworthy and reliable seller on international on-line shopping market.

   1, Goods have any quality problem in 1 month of proper, welcome return and replace new ones directly;
   2, Having quality problems within 3 months, will send replacement directly;
   3, quality problems happened in 1 year, we offer free maintenance;
   4, "Three Guarantees", namely repair, replacement or return. 

   After-sale Service Team:
   1, Our after-sales service team and complaints department work together to offer good customer service;
   2, Our QC strictly recording products from the production, inspection, shipment, after-sales 
   service, to offer good service to our customers.
   3, Handling the customer requests and Processing the return the renewal on time.